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Seeing Istanbul through cats!

I don’t know how one city can have so many stray cats.

Bosphorus University Cafe. Can you see them all?

In America, if you see an animal in the street, you pick the dog/cat up and you take it home and post lost animal signs everywhere until the owner inevitably comes to pick it up. If you did that in Istanbul, you wouldn’t have any room to sleep because every square inch of your house would be full of stray, homeless, animals!1779901_822624227753926_299665312_n Most of them look pretty well cared for though.1897856_821423467874002_371038843_n Even gorgeous.1890552_10152676204657786_951863118_o Some live in mosques.

Blue Mosque cat
Blue Mosque cat

Some prefer museums.

Hagia Sophia Cat
Hagia Sophia Cat

Some are very philosophical…

Hagia Sophia
Hagia Sophia

Or at least like posing for the tourists… mosque catSome liked to chill inside cafes like the rest of us…

Bosphorus University cafeteria

Some hide from the tourists…

Hagia Sophia gift shop

And most are very sweet and tame.

toki cat And here’s one guy having fun for you dog lovers… 1529885_825132247503124_551902269_o

All in all the people of Istanbul seem to love their strays. We often saw food set out for the dogs and cats and the people even protested their removal in 2012!

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