Bucket List 1.0

Here is the bucket list I created when I studied abroad in France from 2014-2015. For the most part I completed everything that year, but there are a couple that remain!


1. Visit the beaches of Normandy

2. Discover what a beach without sand is like in Nice

3. Visit Alsace-Lorraine (that one area Germany and France kept fighting over)  done!

4.  Mont Saint-Michel: It’s an island castle

5. Visit a real French castle  here

5. Buy a Claddagh ring and tune into my Irish culture

A Claddagh ring
A Claddagh ring

6. Listen to some real bagpipe players and discuss the Scottish independence referendum

5. Discover whether or not I’m a demigoddess in Athens  turns out I’m actually a statue

6. Travel back in time and chill with Caesar in Rome (I can try) I ate pasta in the year 2014

7. Say hi to David in Florence part 1part 2 with David

8. Take a gondola ride through the canals of Venice  here


9. Visit Africa and speak French in Morocco

10. Check out the Christmas Market in Prague here

11. Belgian chocolate and waffles

12. Visit Dracula’s castle in Transylvania



1. Learn how to make macaroons

2. Find a favorite room in the Louvre  most definitely the room with Liberty Leading the People:


3. See a French musical it was about vampires

5. See a French Opera  It stole my soul

6. Buy a Sorbonne University sweatshirt (and wear it back in the States)

7. Visit Monet’s home in Giverny during the springtime

8. Find a favorite cafe

9. Get a language buddy

10. Start working on a novel in the city that inspired Hemingway and Fitzgerald Or write the whole thing

11. Practice yoga

12. Get through bises without being awkward (the cheek kiss greeting and goodbye)

13. Answer a question in one of my French classes






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