Well, hello world. It’s been a good… almost three four??¬†months now since I’ve blogged?

Lots of things have happened. Lots of things.

I went home for Christmas. Started dating a French guy who also happened to be my best friend in this small town. Celebrated my birthday in Tours. Stopped dating the French guy. (Lesson: don’t date French guys) I had a virus/the flu/who knows what and took full advantage of being covered by French healthcare. Went to Romania where there was the worst winter storm ever (in March mind you), went home to the United States for some emergency R&R, and then went back to France just in time to start work again.

Peles Castle, Romania. At least the 10 degree (F) temperatures meant the pictures were pretty?

It was certainly a whirlwind.

I’m sorry I haven’t blogged. I’ve honestly been in such a creative slump with all of the drama going on.

Because let’s be real: small towns wherever they are have 100x more drama than any city.

giphy (1).gif

Maybe it’s all just extra dramatic because it’s French?

So I have right about 48 days left in this country. Is there anything you’d like me to blog about during that time? Throw some ideas at me.