Bucket List 2.0

My bucket list for my TAPIF year in France from 2017-2018 and a general life bucket list. As I complete things I will link blog posts to them!

Free time bucket list items while in France:

  1. Write novel no. 2
  2. Publish novel no. 1
  3. Teach a yoga class in France
  4. Teach a yoga class in French??
  5. Wine tour of France?
  6. Learn how to make macaroons
  7. Run a 5k in France


  1. Visit my refugee friend in Berlin
  2. See my old Danish exchange student roommate
  3. Re-visit Scotland to see my lovely British travelling buddy from my study abroad year
  4. Visit my old-exchange student friends in Paris
  5. Transylvania (my novels ARE vampire related guys…)
  6. Budapest
  7. See the Aurora Borealis… somewhere
  8. Scuba Dive
  9. Climb a Mountain
  10. Croatia


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