A Vampire Weekend in Nice

Before this past weekend I’d never completely traveled by myself. Sure I’ve taken plane rides between countries alone, but there has always been someone on the other side who already has everything planned out. This weekend trip to Nice, France was all me. I found the cheapest train tickets, the hostel without a curfew, and mapped everything out to be sure we could easily get from the train station to the hostel. It actually went surprisingly well, of course until the end, but I’ll get to that!



The cheapest round trip train from Paris to Nice we could find for that weekend happened to be an overnight train:

Basically the only picture I could take without seeming like a total creeper
Basically the only picture I could take without seeming like a total creeper

Each “cabin” had 6 beds, 2 stacks of 3 beds each. I felt like I was in some kind of spy movie, walking down the narrow, never ending hallways as if someone was chasing me.


We got to Nice about 9 am the next morning and dropped our stuff of at the hostel before heading to the beach:

Those are rocks yes
Those are rocks yes

I actually kind of enjoyed the rocks instead of sand. They were horrible to walk on in bare feet, but you didn’t really need a beach towel and you left the beach without having a billion grains of sand in every nook and cranny of your body!

I was pretty nervous about staying in a hostel for the first time since I wasn’t sure what to expect. We stayed in a 6 bed mixed gender room, which was fine since we had a guy travelling with us. Surprisingly, we had an en-suite shower and we were even given free breakfast! All of our roommates were very nice and interesting to talk to and staying in a hostel even allowed me to meet some other Americans who were also studying abroad in Paris spending a weekend in Nice! What a small world! The hostel also provided lockers, towels, sheets, a hairdryer(!!), and of course, free Wifi.

We spent almost the entirety of our second day at the beach.

I think I sometimes forget that vampires (aka super white people like me) burn in the sunlight even with multiple applications of sunscreen, because this was me:

I burn. RIP Godric and True Blood.
I burn. RIP Godric and True Blood.

My future vacations will have to be beach-less I’m afraid.

Of course, our weekend trip could not possibly finish without a major problem, because it turns out everyone in our group just thought they knew the exact time the train left and no one actually checked to make sure… So we missed our train…

Sticking with the vampire theme... this was me.
Sticking with the vampire theme… this was me.

We took the next train though and we all got back to Paris in one piece, but for future reference I’m going to insist on seeing the train times for myself to avoid future sunburned vampire catastrophes. It would be a disaster.

In other news, my classes at the Sorbonne start this week…

I'm starting to think this might be me at the end of the week...
I’m starting to think this might be me at the end of the week…

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2 thoughts on “A Vampire Weekend in Nice”

  1. So you spent a few days in Nice, and except for the stoney beach , you really told us nothing about it. I’ll forgive you! I’m enjoying this vicarious vacation I longed for as a girlhkrbriggs@ and never got to take!
    Great – Aunt Helen Briggs


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