Nuit Blanche: An All Nighter of Art in the City of Light

viewmultimediadocumentLast Saturday was Nuit Blanche, an art festival that starts at around 6pm and doesn’t end until 7 am the next day. The artwork was scattered throughout the city of Paris in “sections” with each section having its own theme.

They even created a handy dandy app that would help you get from area to area for the directionally challenged (ME!) but of course my phone had to die as soon as we got to our first exhibit.


So with the impeding doom of a dead phone quickly approaching, I decided to check out the biggest exhibit on the map (see number 4 above) which was titled “Open Musée Street-Art Contemporain” (translates to Open Museum Contemporary Street Art, but you lose the Museum Street in translation)


The lines were enormous, but since the night was young we decided to wait in them. Thankfully they always moved very quickly as it usually was only a matter of counting the people going in or making sure the next group always went in at the start of the next performance.

Honestly, I didn’t get half of the artwork.

Some of it was, well, strange:

The wall was in between the two

And other pieces of art were just befuddling:

IMG_2352 IMG_2355

They left me looking a lot like Dean:



But regardless of whether I understood it or not, it was all pretty cool:





This guy fixes the walls with legos



It was even difficult to tell the difference between the street art that had been there before and the actual artwork for Nuit Blanche specifically. I think there were even some artists out there who weren’t technically part of Nuit Blanche who set up displays in the street like this guy:

He’s spray painting plastic wrap!

Despite all of these pictures, I didn’t even make it through the whole Street Art section before my friends started feeling sick and we decided to call it a night. Honestly,  it was a good idea. The temperature dropped at least 10 degrees and I woke up sick the next morning!

Here’s a video I found if you’re interested in seeing more of Nuit Blanche!


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